Zelensky accuses Moscow for its “false words” about the “alleged ceasefire”

Zelensky accuses Moscow for its "false words" about the "alleged ceasefire"

8 Jan. () –

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, has declared the “alleged ceasefire” a failure and has accused Moscow for its “false words” due to the alleged violation of the truce that had been decreed by Russia during the Orthodox Christmas holidays .

“The world has been able to verify once again today how false Moscow’s words are at all levels. There they said something about a supposed ceasefire… But the reality is that Russian projectiles hit Bakhmut and other positions again Ukrainians”, the Ukrainian leader stated in a speech delivered at midnight, the hour that marked the end of the truce.

“Once again it has been confirmed: Only the expulsion of the Russian occupiers from Ukrainian territory and the elimination of all opportunities for Russia to exert pressure on Ukraine and all of Europe will mean the restoration of the ceasefire, security and peace,” Zelensky added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin unilaterally ordered a 36-hour ceasefire on Thursday over the Orthodox Christmas holidays that take place on January 7.

However, according to the Ukrainian authorities, there have been Russian bombardments in the town of Bakhmut, in the eastern region of Donetsk, which have caused the death of two civilians.

For its part, Russia has denied violating the ceasefire this weekend and has confirmed Ukrainian shelling of some of its front-line positions, a fact that would have forced its troops to respond.

“The Russian forces have been complying with the ceasefire along the entire line of contact,” said the spokesman for the Russian Army, General Igor Konashenkov, at a press conference collected by Interfax this Saturday.

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