Zac Efron says that "He almost dies" after fracturing his jaw

() — Zac Efron has heard speculation that he altered his face with plastic surgery, but says that’s far from the truth.

“I thought it was funny” told “Entertainment Tonight” about people who thought they had surgery. “It sucks. I almost died, but all good.”

While promoting his new movie, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever,” Efron put the rumors to rest as he had actually been injured. Apparently, the actor broke his jaw and had to be wired after slipping in a puddle of water near his house.

Someone close to him told him about the rumors that he had undergone plastic surgery.

“My mother told me,” he said. “The truth is that I never read the internet, so I don’t care.”

Viewers will be able to see his face, along with those of co-stars Bill Murray and Russell Crowe, in the new film in which he plays a man who travels to Vietnam in 1967 to bring beer to his childhood buddies fighting in the army. during the war.

“The Greatest Beer Run Ever” premieres September 30 on Apple TV+.

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