YouTube tests format of 5 ads instead of 2 to watch a free video

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Through the official @TeamYouTube account, the Google company confirmed that there is a new ad format called bumper ads. This consists of a series of not just two, but up to five ads that last a maximum of 6 seconds.

In the same tweet, YouTube asked a user who complained about this situation to send their comments directly through the tool enabled for this on the video platform.

The worst thing is that, according to this user, the problem is not only that there are five videos, but that they cannot be skipped. That is, there is no option to skip ad or skip ad.

The user @LoganC01962550 on Twitter shared a screenshot showing how you have to watch 5 ads before you see the video you want on YouTube.

Currently, not all YouTube users are experiencing this issue, but it would be a pilot test.

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