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YouTube plans to bring Shorts to smart TVs "in the coming months"

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23 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Youtube plan to take your short videos or Shorts to its application for smart televisions “in the coming months” with priority for those that operate with AndroidTV or its customization layer executed on top of this operating system, google tv.

Shorts is a short vertical video format that YouTube began testing in countries like the United States at the end of 2020. This experience reached Spain via a beta version in July 2021.

Since its origins, YouTube has offered access to its Shorts only from mobile devices. In addition, the platform does not allow screen sharing from a ‘smartphone’ to project one of these videos on televisions and they are not integrated into the YouTube ‘app’ for Smart TV either.

Now, the platform owned by Google plans to bring this format to smart TVs, according to advances the middle Protocolbased on documents shared internally at an event with hardware manufacturing partners last July.

YouTube roadmap includes deployment “in the coming months” of Shorts on those televisions that integrate Android or Google TV. However, Protocol does not rule out that this format also reaches other models, such as televisions manufactured by Samsung and LG.

Also remember that TikTok It has been carrying out tests for some time to introduce vertical videos on this type of device. To do this, the platform has had its own application since November 2021 on some LG and Samsung models.


YouTube also plans to introduce other new features to its TV app. These include an option that will allow you to search for albums and playlists on your music streaming service, Youtube musicas well as add this content to the user’s library.

The YouTube ‘app’ will also include, according to the portal, a mosaic mode, which will allow the screen to be divided into up to four parts. In each of these quadrants, a different live broadcast can be viewed.

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