YouTube introduces a system to classify long videos, live and Shorts

Oct. 28 (Portaltic/EP) –

Youtube has announced the deployment of new buttons on its interface, which from now on will classify the videos of a channel depending on their format, whether they are long, live or YouTube Shorts.

Currently, each of the YouTube channels has own page in which are included six tabs on top. These correspond to Home, Videos, Lists, Community, Channels and Information.

In the videos section, all the video and audio content published by said content creator is distributed, which in turn can be ordered based on three preferences: ‘All Videos’, Uploads’ Y ‘Recent live broadcasts’.

To improve the browsing experience and based on the feedback received by the platform, YouTube has established a new content rating system, as announced on your blog.

According to the company, this classification “will make it easier for viewers discover the types of content that interest them most when they explore a creator’s channel page,” as noted in the letter.

Thus, you are implementing three new buttons. The first of them, ‘Shorts’, includes all the videos of this format, similar to the one offered by TikTok, that is, vertical videos with a duration of 15 to 60 seconds.

In this sense, Google has reminded that when users are viewing YouTube Shorts in the feed of this type of video and go to another creator’s channel, the platform will take them directly to this section of the account.

On the other hand, the tab ‘Live’ it will host all live streams for a given account, published, scheduled, and archived. The eyelash ‘Videos’Finally, it will continue to count on long-term content.

YouTube has announced that this feature it will come gradually to all users and that “in the coming weeks” the new ‘Shorts’ and ‘Live’ tabs will be introduced alongside the current ‘Videos’.

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