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YouTube channels will have to show their number of subscribers from July 29

July 1 (Portaltic/EP) –

Youtube will disable the option that allows channels to hide their number of subscribers as of July 29, a measure with which it seeks to combat identity theft on the platform.

The company works “continuously” in new formats to improve the user experience, reduce spam and promote transparency, three aspects on which it has developed a series of measures that it will implement soon, as explained in a post.

Firstly, it has announced that, in order to prevent identity theft and prevent some creators from leading others to believe that their accounts present a large number of followers, YouTube channels will no longer be able to hide their number of subscribers starting July 29.

The company has acknowledged that some users “prefer to hide their number of subscribers as they try to grow” and has assured that he has made this decision to prevent improper use of the platform and preserve the safety of his community.

This decision is due to the fact that it has detected that some users hide the subscribers they have on their channel, impersonate other creators with more fan base and they ‘spam’ comments to attract the public to their page.

On the other hand, it has announced that it is reducing the character set available when choosing a channel name, as some channel names can be used to impersonate other creators.

It has also introduced an improved setting for comments in YouTube Studio to filter comments before posting and prevent spam. Thus, it has implemented a section in which comments are retained for its corresponding review.

Finally, YouTube has announced that will continue to monitor comments of users in search of suggestions that they can apply soon and will keep the creators of the platform informed.

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