“Your drones terrorize Ukraine every night”

"Your drones terrorize Ukraine every night"

May 25. (EUROPE PRESS) –

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky addressed the Iranian authorities on Wednesday, remarking that Iranian-made kamikaze drones “terrify Ukraine” as they are used by Russian troops as part of the invasion of Russia.

“Why do you want to be complicit in Russian terror? Why are you on the side of the bad state? The world sees what is happening, and all of you in Iran see it. There is no denying support for evil,” the president said. president in the evening speech that he records every day since the war began.

Thus, he regretted that these crimes are “committed by the hands of Russia”, which considers “absolutely everything as an objective”, but with the weapons of Iran. “Your Shaheds (Iranian drone) terrorizing Ukraine every night only means that the people of Iran are being pushed further and further into the dark side of history,” she remarked.

Zelensky has considered that the result of the supply of drones to the Russian troops by Tehran “unfortunately, (brings them) even greater isolation from the world and even greater problems.”

The Ukrainian president’s statements take place in a context in which some Western countries have agreed to create an alliance to supply Ukraine with F-16 combat aircraft, since he considers that “this step” will allow Ukrainian troops “to expand their defense capabilities.

“Only with powerful aircraft can a defense system be completed,” he said, before adding that the first F-16 to arrive “will be one of the strongest signals in the world that Russia will only lose due to its own aggression, weakening and isolating.”

In this sense, he has stated that his cabinet will prepare the necessary bases to guarantee that the transition in aviation “is as fast and efficient as possible”.

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