You can already book the Kirby anime HD package, but its price will scare you

Image: HAL Laboratory (via ValueMall)

A few months ago there was great news for fans of Kirby who grew up with anime or cartoon Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, since it was revealed that, for the 30th anniversary of the franchise, a collection with all the chapters in HD would be released for the first time. Well, today we know that the package is beautiful and already available to save, but its price may put you off completely.

After news broke of the HD Blu-ray re-release of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, HAL Laboratory did not give more details about it, but that changed at the end of the year, since it reported that the reservation period is now available. Also, the study detailed what this fantastic package contains.

As you can see below, this package is subdivided into 2 more packages that contain a total of 10 discs with the 100 episodes of the cartoon and that have designs of some inhabitants of Cappylandia (Cappy Town). That’s not all, as buyers will also receive a special 100-page booklet featuring an episode synopsis, background material, voice actor interviews, plus a collection of first episode sketches. As if that were not enough, the order includes a fantastic diorama-shaped acrylic calendar.

Image: HAL Laboratory (via ValueMall)

How much is the anime package of Kirby on Blu-ray?

However, something that caught my eye and might put off all the fans who were planning to get the bundle to finally watch the anime in HD is that the full bundle is priced at ¥49,500 JPY, which is roughly equivalent to $7181 MXN or $369 USD. This means that it costs almost the same as a PlayStation 5 digital edition ($399 USD) and much more than an Xbox Series S ($299 USD).

This price may seem a bit outrageous to fans, but apparently this is often the case with this type of content in Japan. Let’s remember that years ago a collection was launched with all the anime of person 5 in exchange for an equally high price, apart from the fact that said anime had fewer chapters.

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Get anime HD from Kirby it will be expensive and complicated

Despite this, the demand for HD anime from Kirby it was so high that a short time after the pre-orders were released, they sold out. However, HAL Laboratory soon opened a second reservation period, which is still active and in which the number of orders that can be fulfilled before the launch date will be received. This period is still open, but it can be closed at any time, until the limit that may occur prior to its premiere is reached. The reservation period will close in any case on January 23, 2023 and shipments are expected to begin at the end of April 2023.

It is important to mention that HAL Laboratory has already made it clear that once this happens, no more units will be produced, so we do not doubt that it will be a highly coveted item among the community of Kirby. In addition, it will not be sold in physical stores or websites, but the official sale will be exclusive to the official site of Kirby (via ValueMall).

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The sale is exclusive to Japan, so if you want this product you will have to find a way to import it to another country (which could increase its price if you pay import taxes).

If you are interested in this package, you should know that it does not have subtitles or dubbing into Spanish, apart from the fact that the Blu-rays have a regional lock, so they would work in Japan, America and other regions that are from region A, but not Spain. nor other parts of Europe.

So far, HAL Laboratory has not confirmed a similar package localized for the West, so fans should be hopeful that this will happen.

What did you think of the price of the anime Kirby in HD? Do you plan to buy it or did you plan to, but the price put you off? Tell us in the comments.

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