Yoko Taro lost her head from Emil, bought a goblin’s and thinks it’s cursed

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Anime Expo 2023 came to an end today, but it left several announcements not only regarding anime, but also video games. The creator of NieR He participated in the event and something curious is that he lost his characteristic Emil head.

In case you don’t know Yoko Taro, you should know that he is a creative who not only stands out for his works, but also for the particularity of using an Emil head every time he appears publicly (in fact, he has never been seen the face), but this week was the exception.

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What happened to Yoko Taro’s head?

The creative revealed that he lost the mind of Emil who had accompanied him for so many years during Anime Expo 2023. The loss occurred precisely the night before his panel on the next anime project he is working on, KamiErabi

Taro went with a Fuji TV producer to a bar in Los Angeles and it was then that while they were enjoying a few drinks that the producer lost Emil’s head.

Since Taro was going to participate in the event and couldn’t leave without his Emil head, he had to find a replacement soon and they found it after finding a mask shop in town.

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Yoko Taro misplaced her iconic Emil head (Image: Yoko Taro via Twitter)
Yoko Taro misplaced her iconic Emil head (Image: Yoko Taro via Twitter)

There Taro became interested in the biggest one, one of a goblin that no one had bought in the past 30 years. The creative suggested in an interview with Kotaku that it was an object that the store owner’s grandmother would have given to the business, but she says that she convinced him to sell it to her in exchange for $120 USD.

Given the low price of the mask, the creative believes it is owned by either the shop owner’s grandmother or his nephew who passed away in 1945.

“She must be possessed or something…She must be cursed or possessed. There’s something about her,” Taro expressed.

Apparently due to the mystery surrounding the mask, Taro’s staff says that it would be best to return the mask to where it belongs, after all, once in Japan and with more calm, Taro could get another replica of Emil’s head. .

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