Yes please! Very soon there will be an extensive presentation of Armored Core VI

Although several companies will not go to gamescom 2022, Ubisoft confirms attendance

After so many rumors and leaks, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon confirmed its existence at The Game Awards 2022. Although the trailer served to encourage fans and see what FromSoftware was working on after its hugely successful elden ringnothing of gameplay was shown, but the good news is that apparently very soon we will be able to see it in action.

FromSoftware chose not to use the December event to share everything about the new Armored Core, but to increase the emotion little by little, eventually. And an event is just looming where he will speak at length about the project.

The Japanese company will participate in Taipei Game Show 2023, the new edition of the Chinese annual event that many video game companies take advantage of to share details of their projects.

This event will take place from February 2 to 5 and among the games that will be present is Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubiconin a space of nothing more and nothing less than 1 hour.

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When and how to see the 1 hour presentation of Armored Core VI?

Although it is not specified what will be shown in this extensive presentation, it is almost a given that it is a panel in which FromSoftware will talk about the game while showing it in action, a format that is very common in this type of event. If so, it would be the first time that gameplay of the game was shown to the public.

It is important to remember that the leaks of the game date back to last year and suggested that it was in a playable phase; in fact, there were already people trying it out. That being said, development should be at an advanced stage, so the game shouldn’t take that long to be ready.

In case you missed it: Armored Core VI it won’t follow the classic Souls model.

If you are interested in this title, then you will want to make a space for next February 3, precisely at 6:00 AM (Mexico City time), as that will be when the space dedicated to the game will begin. Below you can see the video awaiting the event scheduled for that date. If you can’t tune in to the event for any reason, don’t worry, we here at LEVEL UP will certainly share all the announcements and gameplay videos with you.

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Armored Core: VI Fires of Rubicon It is in development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Although it does not have a release date yet, it is expected to be ready before 2024. You can find more news related to it if you visit this page.

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