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Yaiza Rubio (Telefonica): "The Metaverse will be the next evolution of the Internet and a radical change for companies"

Yaiza Rubio (Telefonica): "The Metaverse will be the next evolution of the Internet and a radical change for companies"

June 29. (Portaltic/EP) –

The chief Metaverse officer at Telefónica, Yaiza Rubio Viñuela, He has referred to the Metaverse as “the next evolution of the Internet” for which “the foundations are already being laid” and has assured that it will mean a “radical change” for companies, which will have to transform themselves to connect with their users.

According to the expert, within the Metaverse, augmented reality will be, “probably”, the most used in the future and the one that “ends up replacing even the telephone or television”. However, he has clarified that for the Metaverse “in capital letters” there is still a long way to go, since for this to happen “a certain interoperability between the worlds will be needed” – the virtual worlds, the mirror worlds and those of augmented reality_, of which “We’re still pretty far away.”

On the other hand, during his speech in the latest Generation of Opportunities podcast created by Europa Press in collaboration with McKinsey, Rubio highlighted the benefits of the Metaverse for users in different aspects of life and emphasized that this world virtual should not be scary because it does not come to put aside the reality that we know but to “enhance it“.

In this sense, the expert explained that, although social networks “ironically” have made us “asocial beings”, these technologies have come to do the opposite: “The worlds do not come to eat up anyone’s life, everything contrary”.


Among the benefits are, for example, the possibility of carrying out a task in a work environment in which “learn faster” while designing in the air or that the relationship with colleagues is through holograms; the possibility of owning a piece of “digital land”, conversing with people from all over the world, receiving training, and even “live impossible experiences” are other applications, as Rubio has explained.

According to the expert, the utilities that the Metaverse is having for companies are already being seen in certain business applications and she has given as an example, regarding virtual reality, the real estate sector where virtual tours are being created for show both flats and houses in more detail.

On the other hand, he added that in sectors such as design, art, or marketing, virtual reality is allowing the possibility of working on three-dimensional sketches, innovating new concepts of digital art or allowing visitors to a fair or sale of products enter a virtual booth.

As for medicine or engineering, virtual reality “is bringing about a revolution”, by allowing doctors can operate without being present or that the same medical students can face complex cases without having to use cadavers, as well as that engineers can create new parts and show them to colleagues thousands of kilometers away.

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