Xbox shares news that will disappoint more than one Game Pass user

Sarah Bond, corporate vice president of Xbox, shared a piece of news that will probably disappoint more than one Xbox Game Pass user. Recently, the board hinted at the possible arrival of attractive games on the service, including elden ring. However, this will not happen.

In case you don’t know, Bond has made dynamics on his social networks where he publishes a series of emojis and challenges players to guess the title to which he refers. The executive clarified that she did this just for the fun of it and that she never wanted to confuse or give false hope about games that might come to the service.

ELDEN RING will not be coming to Xbox Game Pass for now
ELDEN RING will not be coming to Xbox Game Pass for now

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No, elden ring is not on the way to Xbox Game Pass

Bond’s mysterious messages moved many players, as they all referred to exclusive Xbox games or titles that have been part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog. For this reason, his publication on elden ring gave hope of seeing the FromSoftware title on the service.

Unfortunately, it will not be like that, since the executive has already clarified the situation. Through his social networks, Bond stated that he is a fan of emojis, so it was a good idea to entertain the players with some riddles.

He clarified that his posts never had hidden messages, so at no time did he hint at games that were on their way to Xbox Game Pass. Having said that, elden ring it won’t make it to the service, at least not for now.

“I didn’t want to confuse starting with a lot of Game Pass games. This is just a game about games, no hidden messages about Game Pass or anything else… I’m a fan of emojis. On a long flight I made these emoji riddles with game names and decided to share them just for fun,” Bond said to put an end to the rumors.

However, the above does not mean that elden ring will never make it to service. Xbox could negotiate with FromSoftware at some point to make it happen; however, players better not expect the title to be in the Xbox Game Pass catalog anytime soon.

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