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Xbox launches Game Pass Core, a new subscription service

Microsoft also announced plans to end the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan starting in August, which was only available in eight countries and allowed Game Pass benefits to be shared with up to four friends or family members.

This is how the Game Pass plans remain

With the addition of Game Pass Core, the company now has four models. The first and cheapest is precisely Game Pass Core, which gives access to online multiplayer, discounts, some games available for free at a price of 169 pesos per month.

Then there is Game Pass for console and PC, which, although it does not integrate online multiplayer, does provide all the above benefits, as well as giving access to a larger catalog of free titles, launch games and, in the case of PC, gives access to EA Play. Their prices are 159 and 149 pesos, respectively.

Finally, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes all the benefits of the others, as well as including access to Cloud Gaming to play on any device, be it tablets, cell phones or even televisions. Its price is 249 pesos per month.

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