Xbox Game Pass gives access to Crunchyroll Premium; how to activate the promotion


Nothing like video games and anime for a weekend at home. users of xbox game pass will have free months of subscription to crunchyrollthe popular streaming platform specializing in Japanese animation, on the occasion of “Anime Month”.

Microsoft will give away to subscribers of Xbox GamePass access to crunchyroll Premium for 75 days. Pay attention to what is coming, because not everyone will be able to enjoy this benefit; There are some requirements that you should review to enjoy your favorite animes.

The promotion will be part of the perks of Xbox GamePass, so you must have an Ultimate subscription to access the promotion. The gift will be available from next July 20, so you’re on time.

The system processes only one offer per account and those who activated the same promotion last year will not have access to the gift. Additionally, the offer will not be available to players in Russia, Cuba, China, Iran, Japan, and Sudan.

Remember that the free subscription to crunchyroll will disappear from xbox game pass on October 20. If you activate it, you will have until the 27th of the same month to redeem it at crunchyroll.

How to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Enter toto go to the official page of xbox game pass. You will have to click on “Join Now” to access the available offers: Ultimate ($14.99 per month), PC ($9.99 per month) and Console ($9.99 per month).

The service includes hundreds of high-quality console, PC, and cloud games, with new games added all the time. You will have access to the titles of Xbox Game Studios the same day of launch, to exclusive offers and discounts, free benefits including in-game content and unlock gifts from Riot Games.

What is Xbox Games Pass?

xbox game pass is a video game subscription service from Microsoft that offers access to a vast library of games for your Xbox console and PC. With a monthly fee, users can enjoy a variety of titles from different genres, including Xbox exclusive games. Furthermore, the service allows unlimited downloading and playing of the games, even adding new releases regularly.

With Xbox Game Pass Ultimateplayers also get additional benefits, such as subscription to xbox live gold and access to the game in the cloud. It is an attractive option for video game lovers looking for a wide selection of titles at an affordable price.

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