Xbox app for PC launches faster and integrates HowLongToBeat to show the duration of games


Microsoft has updated the Xbox app for PC with a couple of notable new features. On the one hand, the performance of the application has been improved so that it starts up to 15% faster, and on the other, the functions of HowLongToBeat are integrated, a website that, based on user experience, offers an estimate of the duration of the games.

Thanks to information from HowLongToBeat, players will be able to see before downloading a game how long it lasts according to four criteria: completing the main story; complete the main story and secondary content that is not necessary to reach the end; complete the game 100%; and All Styles, which takes into account all styles of play. Through the app, players will also be able to submit their own times and even view community reviews, play notes and data breakdowns by platform and play style.

This feature is intended to provide more information so that you can better choose which game you will get your hands on next. For example, for those looking for a title they can complete without spending too much time, Dishonored with a 12-hour campaign might be a good choice. In case you are looking for something longer, Elden Ring guarantees a campaign of just over 50 hours, which turns into almost 100 with secondary missions.

Regarding the improvement in the performance of the Xbox app for PC, Microsoft comments that now the application starts up to 15% faster. A number of fixes have also been applied to improve overall responsiveness when interacting with the different features of the app. As a result, Microsoft says that “player reports of games that weren’t downloaded or installed correctly dropped by nearly half.” Additionally, the update improves searching, while results are now returned up to 20% faster.

The Xbox app for PC has a long way to go to match other options like the one Valve offers with Steam. This is not something that can be achieved overnight, but as the saying goes, Zamora was not won in an hour.

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