Women who explore their roots through art, love and stories

Women who explore their roots through art, love and stories

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In this program we met the Argentinian author Sole Otero and her graphic novel ‘Naftalina’, an intimate family story that won an award in France. In addition, we talked about the arrival in French cinemas of the Spanish film ‘El Agua’, a film about women and the power of stories. And to close, in our musical chronicle we talked with the Franco-Cuban twins ‘Ibeyi’, who present a new album that celebrates their sisterly love and their roots.

The Argentine artist Sole Otero is the author of comics and was honored at the last Angoulême International Comics Festival, in the southwest of France.

In her graphic novel ‘Naftalina’, Sole Otero welcomes readers to an Argentine family home. A home in which two periods converge: that of Rocío, a student from Buenos Aires, in the year 2001; and that of her deceased grandmother, Vilma, an Italian immigrant, whose memory still inhabits the domestic space.

Naftalina not only talks about the drama of a home, it is also about the story of an entire Argentine generation, from European migration, to the economic crisis, through the dictatorship or social and religious norms.

running water

The Spanish film ‘El Agua’ arrives in France, a drama loaded with stories by director Elena López Riera. The film, filmed in an agricultural region in the south of Spain, gives the floor to the inhabitants of a town full of stories and superstitions.

The women of that town disappear after a flood and the protagonist fears that she will be the next victim of the water due to a popular belief.

We spoke with the director of the film, who was inspired by her experiences and the legends that fueled her youth.

Yoruba music and culture

In our chronicle, Natalia Olivares spoke with the ibeyia duo of twins that has conquered the French public with a concert at the mythical Olympia and now they are getting ready to go on tour in the United States.

The Ibeyi sisters are known for having an infinite number of rhythmic resources, coming from the Cuban Yoruba culture and spirit. Her new record work is called ‘Spell 31’ and it is the continuation of her musical search and exploration of her Afro-Caribbean roots.

Some dates of the Ibeyi Spell 31.Tour in the United States:

10-11-12/03 in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

23-24-2/03 in New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

2/04 in Miami.

Östlund, the master of satire will preside over the Cannes jury

The French Riviera competition has chosen Swedish director Ruben Östlund this year to preside over the jury that will examine the films in the competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

The 48-year-old artist Ruben Östlund presented five of his six films at Cannes and has twice won the Palme d’Or, the Cannes festival’s top award for best film.

The first time was in 2017 with ‘The Square’, the second last year for his comedy ‘No Filter’.

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