With video game control, they drove a submersible that went to the Titanic


Last Sunday the disappearance of Titana tourist submersible in the North Atlantic Ocean headed for the ruins of the titanic and in which, according to the United States maritime authorities, there are five people.

This has deployed a huge joint operation between different countries of the world to be able to find this maritime vehicle, hoping to be able to rescue these people alive.

(They detect noises in the water during a submersible rescue expedition).

The cost of these explorations cost 250,000 dollars per person (1,039 million Colombian pesos), so, in general, this service was contracted by high-income people.

However, and beyond the case, it has drawn the attention of many people to how this submersible was handled, because, according to experts, These types of vehicles are driven by video game console controls.

Although it sounds a little crazy, the reality is that this has been the conventional method to control submersibles in general, so for marine scientists, it does not seem strange and has even been quite useful.

(The news of the search for the submersible that was heading to the Titanic).

A wireless controller is enough

As explained Ocean Gate Expeditionsthe company that owns the missing submersible, it was controlled with a Logitech F710 of the year 2010a wireless control for a computer valued at 30 dollars (124,342 Colombian pesos).

(How is Titan, the submersible disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean).

This control consists of, simply, two levers, as well as the controls of PlayStation either Xboxand a communication system not higher than 2.4 GHz to a USB male receiver.

Gene Park, video game reporter for the newspaper ‘The Washington Post’assures that this type of controllers are also widely used to manage submarines, tanks, or drones in the armies of different countries.

(The details of the US lawsuit against Amazon for misleading customers.)

The game controller of the submersible is standard use for submarines, tanks, drones, etc. for the military. I know it sounds funny, but it’s actually one of the least remarkable things about the submarine.“he mentioned on his Twitter account.

It is known that Titan, the missing submersible, is controlled with this control after several Twitter users brought to mind a segment of the American program ‘CBS Sunday Morning’, from 2022, in which the OceanGate founder Stockton Rushshows the device to the journalist in charge of the report.


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