‘With the Kogis we will be able to reconcile with nature,’ says Éric Julien

'With the Kogis we will be able to reconcile with nature,' says Éric Julien

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The French geographer Eric Julien publishes a book on the Kogis in Paris in which he explains why this ancestral indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia, can guide modern societies to live in peace with nature.

“For the Kogis, nature is much more than a raw material”, explains in this Paris America Éric Julien, author of “Kogis, les chemins des pierres qui parlent” (Kogis, the path of the stones that speak).

The author starts his reflection from an experience he organized in the French department of Drôme: four Kogis and 20 scientists carried out a “cross-diagnosis of territorial health”, an unprecedented experience, since it is the indigenous people who make an assessment of the state of the European lands.

In this program Éric Julien explains why this indigenous community has an important message for modern societies in the face of the immense challenge of protecting nature.

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