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Windows 365 Frontline, the cloud PC solution for shift and part-time staff, is now available

July 5 (Portaltic/EP) –

Microsoft has announced that Windows 365 Frontline It is generally available from this Wednesday, so that companies can manage hybrid work with shift and part-time staff.

Windows 365 Frontline is a cloud solution that brings frontline staff the Microsoft productivity toolsaccessible from shared devices, since it is not limited to a physical computer in the local environment.

Shift and part-time staff will be able to connect from the cloud to your apps, data and settings when you sign in on any device and from anywhere, as explained from Microsoft in the tech community forum.

For companies, it reduces investment in computers in the cloud, since they only need to purchase the necessary licenses “for the number of active employees at any given time.” The company explains that, for example, if a company has nine employees but only three work at the same time, only three licenses are needed, since up to three cloud computers can be enabled per license.

Windows 365 Frontline not limited to frontline users, although it has been designed to adapt to the needs of the different shifts and days that companies may have. From this Wednesday it is generally available.

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