Win the lottery thanks to the help of ChatGPT

Win the lottery thanks to the help of ChatGPT

Since the advent of ChatGPT, many uses have been discovered for this new artificial intelligence, which is capable of writing code, creating all kinds of songs or poems, helping us with homework at university or at the office, and perhaps even can help us win the lottery.

There is no doubt that winning the lottery is just random, especially when it comes to choosing a series of numbers every week to see if they win, but sometimes statistics can also help, and ChatGPT knows a lot about it.

And now apparently a Thai man claims he used the artificial intelligence from ChatGPT to generate numbers that helped him win the lottery.

Specifically, it was Patthawikorn Boonrin, who went viral on TikTok, after sharing details of how he used the chatbot to generate numbers that he used to play the lottery, and win.

For this, he asked the chatbota series of hypothetical questions, and also that he threw different previous winning numbers, and with this he made the numbers that he later played in the lottery.

He won the lottery, but only a few dollars

It should be said that when we say win the lotteryIn this case, we are not talking about thousands or millions of dollars or euros, but on this occasion the user simply won $59, if that can be considered winning the lottery.

Be that as it may, although the prize was not great, said to a local publication that had used this strategy to generate lottery numbers in the past, but was in turn warned by the chatbot not to get too hung up on the method, clarifying that winning the lottery was simply a matter of luck.

It is quite likely that from now on, many people will use ChatGPT to get a new batch of possible winning numbers in the lottery.

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