Will Alan Wake 2 be delayed? Remedy Entertainment responds

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Remedy Entertainment is a very ambitious and busy Finnish company. Not counting the remastering of Alan Wake which debuted last year, the company is working on 6 projects and has just given an update on its development.

The first and perhaps most important for fans of the study is Alan Wake 2. This title is the closest to its release, scheduled for 2023. Unfortunately, after the delay in project announcements, fans thought that the game will arrive later than expected.

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However, in a new financial report, Remedy Entertainment reiterated that the game’s debut is still scheduled for 2023 and plans have not changed at all.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done on the title (which is fully in the production phase), but the general director of the company, Tero Virtala, assures that the expected launch window of 2023 will be met: “The test with users continues and the feedback from user research has been encouraging. After seeing how the elements are coming out, I’m sure we will release an excellent game.”

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How is the development of the 3 games going? Control: Condor, Heron Y Vanguard?

Remedy Entertianment works at Condor, Heron Y Vanguard. We remind you that the first is the multiplayer PvE spin-off within the universe of Control. The second is a sequel to Control. The third is a free-to-play game co-developed by Remedy Entertainment and Tencent and also set in the same universe.

Condor is in the proof of concept phase

The study revealed that Condor is still in a proof-of-concept phase, but he assured that they have found “intelligent ways” to take advantage of the universe of Control in conjunction with designs that suit the cooperative multiplayer experience. According to Virtala, prototypes of the design are already being made and he said that the premature gameplay looks fun.

“We are giving the team time to work on many important gameplay elements and finalize key pillars before taking the project into the next phase of development,” he said.

How is the development going? Vanguard?

Like Condor, Vanguard It is still in the proof of concept phase. We know that this project is the oldest of the 3, but Remedy Entertainment revealed in August of this year that it would take more time to ensure that it meets its quality standards, which means that the team will not be expanding until 2023. director mentioned that the project will be expensive, with a rich world and new elements that will make it stand out from the other titles of the genre.

“We want to make sure that all of these elements are mixed in the right way before making final decisions on plans for the next phase of development in 2023,” Virtala said. “So far, many of the game’s designs are taking shape and the team is busy prototyping and testing them.”

What about the next main game of Control, Heron?

Something similar happens with Heronthe new AAA project of Control, but it is slightly more delayed, since it is in the concept phase (without reaching tests). Despite this, and according to Virtala, development is progressing favourably. Although the size of the team has gradually grown, for now it will be maintained to give the necessary time to develop the concept and make prototypes, as well as prepare the technology and tools necessary to materialize them.

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Is there news of the Max Payne remakes?

As we mentioned, in addition to Vanguard, Heron, Condor Y Alan Wake 2Remedy entertainment works on the remakes of Max Payne in collaboration with Rockstar Games.

Well, the company also talked about them in the report, but did not offer much news about it.

This dual project is run by a small development team that uses production and technology used in the other projects.

Unfortunately, out of Alan Wake 2there is no release window for any of the other projects, so patience will be key.

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