Why millennials and centennials prefer to be freelancers


‘Freelance’ is a concept that has been making its way in the global labor market and many more people opt for this model of work.

Alejandro Arevalo, manager of Michael Page, defines a ‘freelancer’ as a person who recognizes in himself certain skills and knowledge that you do not want to exploit with a company or with a single client, so you are looking to work for several clients at the same timehaving, among other benefits, full control over your personal and work schedule.

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and the report Freelance Forward 2022 revealed that the ‘millennials’ and ‘centennials’ They are the most attracted to this type of employment.

The study shows that, during 2022, 47% of ‘centennials’ and 46% of ‘millennials’ surveyed are doing freelance work.

But what are the reasons for these populations?Do you prefer this type of job?

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The Business Insider platform looked for what millennials and centennials like about being freelancers and this is what they found.

Flexibility: Being able to work from anywhere in the world and at the times they want is one of the strongest attractions of this job, since there is noor they have to comply with established schedules and may have the freedom to choose how and where they work.

Economic responsibility:
have the financial independence to work the way you want too generates responsibility in the care of the economysince the person is forced to organize their income to cover needs or fulfill personal purposes.

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The internet and social networks as an opportunity: The influence of virtuality and networks is getting stronger, which is why those who want to be ‘freelancers’ use these tools to make themselves known in a much broader way.

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