Where are the fastest roads in the world?

Where are the fastest roads in the world?

The high speed highwayswhich can transport goods from distant markets, increase productivity, reduce poverty and contribute to the economic and social development of countries.

(More than 3.5 million vehicles will be mobilized on the festive bridge).

The IMF, through the Google Maps tool, analyzed the roads in 162 countries to determine the time, on average, it takes to drive between large cities that are separated by at least 80 kilometers.

According to the results found, the fastest roads in the world are found in more developed economies, such as United States, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

The slowest roads are in poor countries from South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. An obstacle, according to the study, for the inclusive growth of these nations.

Also, research shows that the quality of the roads is highly related to travel times.

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Therefore, it is important that the authorities take this type of report into account when implementing public policies “to overcome road bottlenecks and improve your competitiveness by moving people and goods faster“, concludes the study.


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