When are they and how to request a vote by mail in Spain

When are they and how to request a vote by mail in Spain

The countdown to the elections to the European Parliament begins. After the elections in Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia, the citizens of the 27 countries of the European Union have an appointment with the polls to elect the representatives of the institution for the next five years. The next elections will take place between June 6 and 9, 2024although in Spain the vote will take place on June 9.

Citizens of all countries of the European Union 720 deputies will be elected this yearthis is 15 more than in the previous elections in 2019. In the case of Spain, 61 MEPs are elected to the European Parliament, two more than in the previous elections.

The electoral campaign will begin on May 24 and will end on June 7 after 15 days. A few weeks before, the candidacies will be presented to the Central Electoral Board. Specifically, between May 1 and 6, although the electoral coalitions will be made public between April 17 and 26.

How to request a vote by mail for June 9?

Voters can vote in person at the polling station that corresponds to them based on their electoral roll, which is based on registration, or by mail. Spanish citizens who vote from abroad will have to be registered in the Consular Registration Registration of the consulates or consular sections of the Spanish embassies in the country in which they reside.

Voting by mail for the elections to the European Parliament can be requested at any Post Office with your ID, passport or driving license. Likewise, you can order through the Correos website until May 30.

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Once the request is made, voters will receive the necessary documentation to vote at the address they have indicated. It is an envelope with a ballot from each of the political formations that are presented in the elections, a voting envelope together with the census registration certificate and another envelope with the address of the polling station where it is necessary to vote.

The process to vote is also very simple: the citizen has to insert the ballot into the envelope and close it. This must be placed together with the certificate in the envelope addressed to the polling station and sent by certified mail free of charge before the third day prior to the elections in the European Parliament. Until June 5th.

Do I have the right to be absent from work to vote?

Spaniards will be able to be absent from work to exercise the right to vote in the European elections. This is how it is established the Workers' Statute that recognizes this remunerated right.

In addition, the General Administration of the State or the autonomous communities may adopt specific measures so that employed workers and civil servants who work on June 9 can have during their day 4 hours free to go vote in the European elections.

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