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WhatsApp will enable a long-awaited privacy feature: it will allow you to hide your online status

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WhatsApp has several features on the way. We know that the development team is working on allowing you to edit messages after sending them, react with any emoji, ask for a second verification code, and other improvements. Now, WaBetaInfo has discovered that the messaging application will incorporate a long-awaited privacy option: we can choose who can see that we are online.

Currently, WhatsApp allows us to choose who can see our last connection time, profile picture, information and status. However, this possibility is not present in the online state. This is because this data is considered public, so anyone can see it, although the apps and websites that take advantage of this to spy on users have had a harder time since last year.

WHATSAPP Tricks and tips to HIDE YOURSELF TO THE MAXIMUM and maintain your PRIVACY

An option that will maximize our privacy

As we can see in the screenshot, the new privacy feature you will find yourself in “Last time and online”. At the top of this section we will find the setting corresponding to who can see our last connection (currently available). It will allow us to choose between “everyone”, “my contacts”, “my contacts, except” and “no one”.

Below we will have a new section with the setting of “Who can see when I’m online“, but we will not have the possibility to customize it like the previous one, but it will be synchronized to this one. That is, it will allow us to choose between “all” or “same as the last connection time”.

When this feature reaches WhatsApp we will have a new tool to take better care of our privacy. Of course, as it is still in development, we do not know a possible arrival date.

How to know if they have you added in WhatsApp contacts with this trick

According to WaBetaInfo, it could reach the beta version of the mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (macOS and Windows) clients in the coming weeks, and later to all users. For now, if we want to use WhatsApp in “ninja mode”, we can apply these tips.

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