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WhatsApp will allow you to filter individual and group chats to organize unread messages

WhatsApp filters

WhatsApp has launched new functions in recent months such as the ability to pin multiple messages in a chat or connectivity with Meta AI, which promises to be the application's new ChatGPT. The company does not stop innovating to improve the user experience and now the time has come for chat filters.

The latest update will improve organization and search within chats. The application offers a series of Default filters that will make it easier to find conversations that could have ended up at the bottom of the history.

The novelty is simple and the filters will simply organize the history of all the chats on the main screen quickly. The function is especially useful for people who handle a high number of conversations simultaneously or business mobiles. The filters that Meta has integrated are the following:

  • All: It includes all chats without any filter, so both people's contacts and groups are ordered chronologically.
  • Unread: It only includes chats with unread messages, even older ones that may have been lost in the lower part of the history. Users can prioritize those responses or have greater control over chats with this feature and respond at a later time.
  • Groups: The application only selects groups with unread messages, which makes it quicker to find a specific conversation among a large number of chats. This filter includes subgroups within Communities, giving it the same weight as other group conversations.

The process prior to this update was somewhat more complex. Users had to search for the chat manually or enter the name in the search bar at the top.

The “Unread” filter eliminates these steps and makes the process easier by sorting conversations in the main chat list.


The “Groups” filter has been one of the most requested by users and many of them have celebrated this option. The update will be a important leap in accessibility for people who manage a high number of individual and group chatsaccording to WaBetaInfo.

“Filters will make it easier for people to organize and find the most important conversations, and allow them to navigate through messages more efficiently,” he said. insured Mark Zuckerberg.

This feature is available to some users who have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp on Android or iOS. Zuckerberg is optimistic and expects this news to reach all users in the coming weeks.

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