What you would stop receiving on flights if you want cheaper tickets

What you would stop receiving on flights if you want cheaper tickets

People are looking for cheaper flights, especially in times when the prices of plane tickets have increased by 40.6%, according to figures from National Statistical Administrative Department (Dane).

This makes people, in one way or another, yearn for the prices of the tickets that existed in the past, which was valued for the price and for the additional services offered, as he explained. Thomas Allier, CEO of

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10 years ago, when entered the market, people were accustomed to the air ticket as a luxury service, since it included the suitcase to check in, the suitcase to take on board, the selection of the seat, they served you the red and basically everyone paid the same for needs that could be very different”.

(4.5 million pesos, the price for flying from Bogotá to Valledupar).

On the subject of needs, the expert commented that a person who has a short and fast trip would not need the same preferences as a person who has to travel longer distances and with longer timeswhich would be reflected in the price of the ticket.

Likewise, when looking to adjust your rate, you would have to give up services such as food on the plane, the possibility of carrying hand luggage or the option to choose your seat.

If I travel and return to Bogotá in the same day from Pereira, I probably won’t need suitcases. It’s a 35-minute ride, so I don’t value seat selection as much, I don’t need comfort. Depending on my profile, I do not have the same needs as another passenger who travels all week and who carries a lot of things with him.”.

(The airline JetSmart begins the purchase process of Ultra Air).

Likewise, Alliere explained that this is how the low-cost airline model works, mentioning that prices may vary depending on what the passenger needs and not by the price set by default by the company.

That’s what the low-cost model is all about; It is not that the air ticket is always going to be cheaper than before, but rather that they give options of what one needs to travel and that ends up allowing much cheaper air tickets if one is organized and willing to travel in those conditions.”.

(Elimination of preferential VAT affected air traffic in January).

Therefore, if you decide to have a flight with a low coat airline, keep in mind that they adjust their rates depending on the needs you have for that flight.


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