What we’re watching: Crime drama ‘Black Bird’ dives deep into the mind of the killer

‘Black Bird’
Few writers explore the criminal mind as well as Dennis Lehane, the main force behind this gripping limited series. Taron Egerton (“Rocketman”) plays a convicted drug dealer whose early release hinges on whether or not he can trick his fellow prisoner (“Richard Jewell’s Paul Walter Hauser”) into admitting that he killed several teenage girls. The “Mystic River” novelist’s knowledge of the justice system clearly comes in handy here, as does the top-notch cast, including Ray Liotta in one of his last on-screen roles. Premiere Friday, Apple TV Plus

‘Bad Times at the El Royale’
Chris Hemsworth is an odd movie star: huge in every Marvel Cinematic Universe title he appears in (including the last one, reprising his lead role in “Thor: Love and Thunder”), but barely noticeable in everything else. His best work is this twisted and entertaining Quentin Tarantino impression, which also features Dakota Johnson and Cynthia Erivo. Hemsworth plays a Charles Manson-esque thug who does a sneak dance to Deep Purple’s “Hush.” disney more

‘How to build a sex room’
Melanie Rose may seem like an innocent grandma, but she has some devious ideas that would make most teens blush. This reality show follows the British interior decorator as she helps open-minded couples turn parts of their homes into custom-made pleasure zones for kinky fun. Don’t be too nervous. The process is so clinical that the series is more like HGTV than Hustler magazine. Starts Friday, Netflix
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‘Conjuring Kesha’
Discovery Plus’ obsession with the supernatural continues, this time with the “TikTok” pop star as the top ghost hunter. In each episode, the singer joins celebrities like the Betty Who as they explore haunted spaces, including the Tennessee penitentiary that used to house James Earl Ray. Kesha is clearly a true believer, but you have to wonder what she’s doing as the host of the show. She seems startled by the sound of her own voice. Drops Friday, Discovery Plus
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Stop-motion animation is a great format for paranoia. Even if you’re not thinking about how a movie is put together — they shoot a frame, then move the figures around a bit, shoot another frame, repeat — there’s an awareness of the weirdness of the process that can make you wonder what’s going on between takes. What, in other words, is just outside the frame? All of that is cleverly exploited in this three-part psychological thriller in which three different groups of people (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter, among others) interact with a beautifully detailed haunted house. Netflix

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