What was missing! They report the fall of Twitter worldwide

What was missing!  They report the fall of Twitter worldwide

Reality continues to show that Elon Musk should not have bought Twitter and in case the controversies that have arisen around the social network after the arrival of the tycoon in charge, now there has been a worldwide fall that is already a reason for criticism and various jokes.

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Twitter is down! could not be known

A few moments ago, user reports pointed to problems on Twitter, both on the site and in the mobile app. In our case, the platform simply logged us out and so far it is impossible to start it again with messages indicating that the problem is on the part of the social network and indicating that it is saturated, something strange because at this moment there is no a global trend that matches millions of users around the world.

The fall of Twitter worldwide has put Elon Musk, again, in the crosshairs

According to the site report Down Detector, the problems on Twitter began shortly before 6 PM Mexico City time. So far, most say they can’t log in and those who can are immediately kicked out by the system indicating an error.


The fall of Twitter at this time has been taken with humor by some users who asked Elon Musk to get to work and repair the social network that now belongs to him. Others were ironic with the situation of the workers in the social network, assuring that the 4 people who remained in the offices finally resigned. Some were sarcastic pointing out that a problem of this type was not seen coming.

Recently, users mocked a recent change on Twitter because now the statistics of each publication are shown, however, the design of the user interface and its logos denotes that it is something that was done without considering specialized personnel in it and what What users are getting is misaligned and oversaturated space.

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