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What to do if an ATM does not give you your full money

What to do if an ATM does not give you your full money

The ATMs At present they are more of an alternative than a first option, this due to the progress that virtual payment methods have had thanks to the Applications or at digital wallets; nevertheless, This does not mean that there are people who still prefer to carry their money in cash.

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In this sense, many people have experienced unfortunate episodes in which they do not receive all the money they request at the ATMs, even though the required amount is debited from their bank account.

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It is because of that Bancolombiaone of the most important banks in the country, took a step by step so that the user can act properly in the event that a similar situation occurs.

What to do if this happens?

– Take a photo of the bank transaction receipt,

– Immediately call the customer service line of the bank in which you are affiliated without leaving the ATM.

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– Report what happened and follow the steps provided by the adviser.

– If the fault is found, check the account later to see the refund of the money that was not delivered.


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