What differences will It Takes Two have on Nintendo Switch? we tell you

The GOTY is ready to reach the hybrid console

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It was in March of last year that the community learned It Takes Two, an interesting proposal with an artistic style that surprised everyone. The game was really good and got the GOTY 2021 for having given an extraordinary cooperative adventure on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles. Now, it is the turn of the title to reach Nintendo Switch and we want to talk to you about the news or changes that this version will have.

The GOTY is ready to reach the hybrid console

As you will surely remember, one of the surprises that the last Nintendo Direct gave was the confirmation that this award-winning installment from Hazelight Studios and Electronic Arts will arrive on Nintendo Switch next November, so a few days after its premiere, it is time to that you know what to expect from the game on the hybrid console.

Can a game in this category, and with more than 90 awards, deliver on Switch? Well, you better check it in the following points that we will mention.

Enjoy an epic adventure wherever you want

One of the main attractions of this version is the possibility of playing It Takes Two in portable mode and practically anywhere you are. Thanks to the mobility offered by the console, you will be able to accompany the nice protagonist couple in a local cooperative and using a Joy-Con per person, so finding someone to play with will no longer be complicated, invite your schoolmate, workmate or any acquaintance you meet.

It Takes Two in digital format will require 9.5 GB of space on your console
It Takes Two in digital format will require 9.5 GB of space on your console

Online mode and other important features remain

Of course, as seen on other consoles, owners of It Takes Two on Nintendo Switch they will also have the opportunity to play the entire game in online co-op, so you better find a friend you can play with every day.

Best of all, in this version it will also be enough for only one person to have the game, so the second person will simply have to receive an invitation to play it completely free with the Friend Pass.

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Turn Me Up Games is in charge of bringing the game to the Switch

Another important point to consider is that this version of It Takes Two was worked on by Turn Me Up Games, a developer with a veteran and expert team that has been dedicated to bringing different games to Nintendo Switch, including Brothers: A Tale of Two Sonsanother collaboration with Hazelight Studios, so a good result is expected with this port.

Accessibility is improved by adding more languages ​​to the title

Last, but not least, is that those responsible for the game confirmed that they will seek that the history of It Takes Two be even more accessible to everyone, a situation that motivated them to include new dubbing in French, German, Spanish (unspecified) and Japanese, as well as subtitles in English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian and Russian, content that will also come to the first versions of the title in the future.

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Now, it only remains to wait until next November 4 so that all those interested can enjoy It Takes Two once again, or for the first time, with the advantages that can only be found on Nintendo Switch.

Will you try this version of the 2021 GOTY? Tell us in the comments.

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