What are the keys to app development in Peru

What are the keys to app development in Peru

The market of Applications in the region is increasingly competitive. In Colombia, Brazil or Argentina, technology companies that develop applications are supported with incentives. Likewise, there are various contests that are promoted by private companies that help developers to create and innovate their projects. However, how are we in Peru?

The developer of apps and videogames and winner of the contest HUAWEI Apps UpRafael González-Otoya, tells three keys to the future of app and video game development in Peru.

Contests that make your work visible

It’s hard to get hired by companies that don’t know you at all. It is difficult to sell an application to users who do not trust your company. The app development industry is small in Peru at the moment, however, actively participating in international competitions such as: Huawei Apps Up, Lima Web Fest, Huawei Developer Latam, Anuaria Colombia Award, International Brandor Medal Competition, BIG Festival ( Brazil), etc., are very important windows.

“An example of this was our Suns of Wiraqocha and Coins Invaders projects. Both games were developed quickly and we got first place in HUAWEI Apps Up. This not only gave us a monetary award, but international visibility of the project and credibility in our ability”said Rafael González-Otoya.

is a videogame designed in pixel art, based on the legends and myths of the Incas and one of the predecessor cultures: the Tiahuanaco, which were located in present-day Peru and Bolivia. The game represents the “fight between light and darkness” and in the game the gamer will have to recover the lost suns making the Puerta del Sol light up again.

On the other hand, It reflects the fight that Bitcoin has with the other cryptocurrencies that arise from dark forces in the world to “pervert the people of good and keep them prisoners of a fiduciary money regime.” The gamer will be able to have fun destroying the altercoins in an all-out war.

“Both video games are available in the HUAWEI AppGallery and generate income for us since there are already more than 1,000 users who have downloaded them on devices such as the Huawei nova 10 Pro”said González-Otoya.

Create to monetize

“The safest thing for an app developer is to create or join a brand project for a specific campaign. However, the real challenge is finding the return on investment (ROI) that best suits your own project”said González-Otoya.

There are different ways in which Peruvians generate ROI in the world of apps. The Peruvian trend is to develop apps for foreign companies, but in the world of video games, developers monetize themselves through a free-to-play model and geolocalized advertising.

“For Peru to grow, the Peruvian industry has to invest in R+D+I: Investment + Development + Innovation. You invest money to try new things. It is important that projects and knowhow are shared so that the industry grows”Raphael pointed out.

Call on young talent

App contests not only benefit companies, but students or young professionals. The awards serve as motivation for various reasons: they help finance new independent projects, give weight to a CV under construction, or even help create value as an employer brand.

Along these lines, for the third consecutive year, Huawei held the HUAWEI Apps Up contest, an international competition for young and experienced developers from around the world to participate and show all their ability by building applications in different categories. Peru was the second country, after Mexico, with the most winners in this developer event with 4 applications that managed to prevail in two different categories.

“Involving the youth helps create a more robust industry. For there to be a shock of innovation, it is important to build together. In Latin America there is already a strong industry in brother countries such as Colombia or Brazil and Peru should not be left behind. The contests are an important piece to encourage and help this growth”concluded González-Otoya.

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