What animal are we looking at the face?

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There are animals that we instantly recognize by their body shape, but in many cases we are not used to observing the features of their faces, so it may be the case that if we only look at their face we are unable to know which animal it is. . This can happen to us with the animal whose face appears in the two photos, in a close-up from which it seems to be staring at us with two large eyes.

(Photo: Jay Staffstrom)

[Img #67992]

(Photo: Jay Staffstrom)

It is a spider from the Deinopidae family. Although it has more eyes, they are hidden and in the photo it is these two that clearly stand out, so it may have given us the wrong impression of looking at an animal with only two eyes.

The photos are part of the study material obtained by Jay Stafstrom, from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States, who has spent a lot of time researching these spiders.

Some of their eyes are two thousand times more sensitive to light than human eyes, giving them night vision with which to hunt prey.

But also, as Stafstrom discovered in one of his studies, there are Deinopidae spiders with an excellent and exotic hearing capacity that helps them hunt insects that pass behind them in mid-flight…

On the tips of their legs, these spiders have sensors that pick up acoustic cues in the air that a flying insect is nearby.

The spider’s quick reflexes do the rest. (Fountain: NCYT by Amazings)

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