We’ve been building websites with drag and drop for years – soon we’ll be able to do it with AI prompts too

We are witnessing live how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we We do many things. To mention a few examples, Copilot already helps us to program, ChatGPT to create texts, DALL·E to create images and Playground to design. The next step seems to be the creation of complete web pages.

As we say, for a long time we have been able to create portals by dragging and dropping elements. This is a mechanic available on most web hosting platforms that has been used primarily by hobbyists, entrepreneurs, or small businesses. Soon we will be able to create pages with textual indications.

A new way of creating web pages

ChatGPT, despite its weaknesses, has proven to be a good tool to help build web pages. The OpenAI conversational chatbot can suggest us ideas, code and much more, but you do not have the ability to create the entire page for us on the hosting platform. This is what Wix seeks to achieve with its AI Site Generator.

The company explains that this new tool will allow you to create complete sites. It all starts with a text indication about the site we want to create. The AI ​​makes us a tailor-made proposal and, if it is not what we expected, we can give other textual indications to make changes, or manually adjust each of the elements in the traditional way.

Wix Ia Page Builder 2

From Wix they affirm that the ChatGPT technology will be in charge of generating the necessary texts for the web page, while their own technology will be behind the rest of the work. As can be seen in the video, the chatbot aims to offer a friendly interaction with the user and seeks to guide him to find the result that represents his ideas.

The aforementioned is complemented by other tools such as AI Image Creator, an AI image generator, and Auto-Generated Trailer, an application that turns videos into professional-looking visual pieces. AI Site Generator, according to the company, is on its way to being available, so we have to wait to see if it will keep all its promises.

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We must not forget, of course, that although the rise of AI offers numerous opportunities, it also presents great challenges. From the controversies related to copyright to the tendency to “invent” that models like Bard and ChatGPT have and the possibility that these tools are used to generate massive content for illegal purposes.

Images: Wix

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