We tested the Logitech G Cloud: a portable console to play at home

We tested the Logitech G Cloud: a portable console to play at home

8 Jul. (EDIZIONES/Portaltic) –

Logitech launched on the market last May its new G Cloud, a company commitment to portable consoles, with a design to match and competent performance, but that fails in its own concept: it is portable, but it is designed to connect to cloud services and play, mainly, without leaving home.

G Cloud allows access a wide catalog of Android games and applications through Google Play and services like NVIDIA GeForce NOW or Xbox Cloud Gamingwith titles optimized to have a gaming experience similar to that of desktop systems, but with the comfort of the controls of a console of these characteristics.

G Cloud also makes it possible the transmission of games in local streaming from your console or PC with the Xbox app, Steam Link, and other local streaming apps from the Google Play Store. Thus, the advantage is that is not limited to a specific catalogue, but we can play from games typical of a ‘smartphone’ to others that require more performance, such as Fornite, Forza Horizon or Halo Infinite.

However, the console only works perfectly while connected to the WiFi network. If you leave home with her you will have to resort to mobile data and suffer the consequencessince it does not have the option of introducing a 4G or 5G SIM to make it really a portable console and we can play from wherever we want.


The new Logitech G console features a 7-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen, offering a 60Hz refresh rate and full-screen 16:9 gaming experience. Both the brightness of the screen and its dimensions make it the user experience is perfect.

Also, G Cloud has precision game controls that offer a performance and response very similar to the controls of the consoles Top of the market, thanks to haptics, gyroscope and remappable controls. In this sense, its good construction also stands out, with a comfortable grip and a weight of only 463 grams, which allows long days of play without the hands suffering.

Another of its strong points is its autonomy, since it includes a 6,000 mAh battery that guarantees up to 12 hours of use, according to the data provided by the company itself. We have been able to test it for a week and it complies with a note in this section.

Lastly, it has a very successful interface, with the option to configure the device as a tablet or in console format, with Logitech’s own personalization layer, which presents the different platforms that we can access in a simple and very visual way. The latter is my favorite, since it focuses on what is really important for this device: the game.

In short, we are looking at a console that for 359 euros is a very interesting option for those ‘gamers’ who like to jump from one game to another, squeezing the different catalogs, while dancing in different corners of the house. However, it seems to us that it falls somewhat short for the user who demands more power or for those who want to use a true portable consoletaking it with them anywhere.

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