"wait and see"insider reaffirms that the return of F-Zero is real

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F-Zero is a franchise fondly remembered as one of the funniest in the racing genre, but unfortunately it fell prey to oblivion and lack of interest from Nintendo. Incredible as it may seem, a well-known leaker claimed that the series would return… what happened? Was it cancelled? Was the rumor false? The informant just addressed the situation.

It is common for some rumors to age badly or buried by the truth that did not favor them and for leakers to disappear for providing information that was not fulfilled or simply feign ignorance as if they had never said it.

However, this is not the case for leakers who know that their information is true and that it is a matter of time before it is confirmed. Such is the case of Syluxhunter, a leaker specializing in metroid, Bayonetta and other Nintendo series.

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There’s a f-zero in development?, when will it be revealed?

This leaker drew attention last year after ensuring that Nintendo would bring back f-zero. However, 6 months have passed since this and the Japanese company has not revealed anything.

Naturally, this delay is already making many suspicious about the veracity of the information. Thus, through Twitter, a user questioned him about it and Syluxhunter, instead of turning a deaf ear, supported what he once said.

As for why nothing has been announced yet. The informant rightly pointed out that he did not say anything about the dates of the possible announcement, so in that sense he is not committed: “Stay tuned and you’ll see.” However, this time he additionally mentioned in a new comment that “there is something coming soon”.

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Should you believe this information? As in other cases involving rumors, we invite you to take it with reserve, since there is no official comment from Nintendo about it.

However, in the informant scene, prestige and reputation are earned when they get their information right and Syluxhunter has done so on several occasions. In fact, he is best remembered for being the first user to share the release date of Bayonetta 3 precisely 2 weeks before the official announcement, so you must have reliable sources.

Do you think that the announcement of a f-zero will it be done soon? Tell us in the comments.

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