Venezuelans who entered irregularly lament new US visa program

Venezuelans who entered irregularly lament new US visa program

Venezuelan migrants, who have recently arrived in the United States without proper documentation, feel sadness and some concern about the humanitarian parole, offered by Washington to compatriots who have financial sponsors to allow them to enter the country.

For Carlos Anuel, a Venezuelan migrant, it is “a little sad because with that. Many people who come struggling and have sold all their things come out there already with the goal of crossing. And when they find this surprise they are going to be in shock, and the funds they have left are not going to give them.

The administration of President Joe Biden will accept up to 24,000 Venezuelan migrants to enter by air and will allow them to present their asylum application before a US immigration judge. The measure excludes those who arrive by land and, above all, those who enter the country irregularly.

Precisely on Wednesday, the US and Mexico announced a border agreement that will allow access for these Venezuelan migrants and offer temporary work visas to foreigners from different nations.

As part of the agreement, Venezuelan migrants who try to enter the United States illegally by walking or swimming will be instantly returned to Mexico under Title 42, a regulation that suspends the right to seek asylum by invoking the spread of the coronavirus.

For migrants who have only entered the United States hours ago, like Luis Mendoza, the announcement came as a great surprise.

“I’m happy because I made it. But I also think of my colleagues who have passed through seven countries, and in each country it’s a struggle, it’s a sacrifice, to be able to be here and cross the border,” says Luis.

Washington adopted this plan as a response to the substantial increase in Venezuelans arriving in the United States land route. In 2021, the Border Patrol apprehended more than 2 million people on the southern border and reported more than 20,000 search and rescue operations.

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