Valve lowers the price of Steam Decks

Valve lowers the price of Steam Decks

Valve has lowered the price of its Steam Deck for the first time, something that we can easily see if we go to the store, either through the Steam launcher or the company’s website. In it, we will see how the three models of the Steam Deck have been reduced, and although they are not extreme discounts, it is definitely appreciated that the prices of this portable console are going down.

Specifically, the reduction of the 64GB model is about 40 euros, that of the 256GB model is about 55 euros, and the reduction of the 512GB model is about 70 euros, leaving us with exact prices of €377.10, €494.10 and €611.10 respectively, as we see below these lines.

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Valve indicates that, for either model, Expected lead time is one to two weeks, so while we won’t enjoy virtually immediate delivery, It is clear that the supply problems that existed at the beginning have been completely solved and a stable rhythm is being maintained.

In principle, this offer applies to all countries where the Steam Deck is normally sold, so if we find ourselves living in another region, the discounts will be equivalent and we will be able to enjoy them equally.

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