Valve announces "counter strike 2"a free CS:GO update coming in summer 2023

"counter strike 2" will arrive in 2023

( Spanish) — “Counter-Strike”, the successful and popular first-person shooter multiplayer video game series, will have its second numbered installment in 2023.

Valve, the developer and distributor company, announced this Wednesday the launch of “Counter-Strike 2”, an update for the current “Global Offensive” (abbreviated CS:GO) that will allow, in the company’s words in its official blogkeeping the title “incorporating features and updates for many years”.

Valve confirmed that “Counter-Strike 2” will be officially released during the boreal summer of 2023 and, although it has not yet revealed all the new features that it will bring, it did announce some of the improvements, changes and updates that the new installment will introduce.

The first novelty: the smoke from the smoke grenades will be interactive. According to the official description, these will be “dynamic volumetric objects that interact with the environment and react to lighting, shots and explosions”, that is, it will be able to move based on the action of the fighting and will move naturally. .

Additionally, Valve announced improvements in the frequency of ticks (or tickrate) and in the actions carried out when playing to guarantee their accuracy, as well as changes in the maps. The locations are one of the keys to the game and they will receive aesthetic improvements, updates and remodeling.

All these novelties can be tested from March 22, the date on which a limited test begins that will allow a selection of “CS: GO” players to test the new content.

“CS:GO”, the current version of the video game, had been on the market since 2012, the year in which it became the most popular version of the series after “Counter-Strike: Source” and “Counter-Strike 1.6”

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