VALORANT: Patch Notes 7.01, Changes to Operators and Competitive Mode

VALORANT: Patch Notes 7.01, Changes to Operators and Competitive Mode

Version 7.01 of the first person shooter, VALORANT, has just received a series of changes and improvements in a short but essential update. Deadlock, the most recent agent to arrive in the video game, receives some changes; as well as the competitive mode was also modified.

One of the most notable changes includes an overhaul of the action icons for abilities across all Operators, providing consistency across all abilities that share a common cast paradigm or result. New icons have also been added in certain cases to improve usability. These icons will appear on top of the player’s currently equipped skill.

Champion Changes

Additionally, fans of the game will be delighted to know that voice interactions between the characters Gekko and Deadlock have been added, bringing the agents to life in the game.

In exciting news for the competitive community, the Premier Ignition Phase is now open to all players. If you participated in the Premier Open Beta, you will now have to start from scratch, creating or joining a new team. Teams and match histories will carry over from the Ignition Phase until its release in August. However, players will need to choose their team name carefully, as they will not be able to change it later.

competitive mode

Matches begin on July 20 and continue through August 12, followed by the Playoffs on August 13. Players who earn a Premier Score of at least 375 will have the opportunity to compete and be crowned one of the best teams in the Division.

Finally, Riot Games has implemented measures to maintain the integrity of the game. Game bans have been added for repeatedly missing matches, inflicting friendly fire, and leaving match quest in Competitive and Normal modes. Those who are muted in real-time text chat will also be muted in voice chat for the duration of the match.

This VALORANT update reaffirms Riot Games’ commitment to providing players with an exceptional gaming experience. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the future.

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