VALORANT: episode 7 already has an arrival date and we tell you all its news

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We get good news for all users of VALORANTthe futuristic first-person shooter that remains one of the favorite options for gamers, since episode 7 has just been confirmed to arrive later this month.

New content is near

As you surely know, this title allows users to take control of different agents, each one of them with 4 unique abilities that can give them tactical advantages to join one of the 2 teams of 5 members that face each other (attackers and defenders).

Now, the Riot Games title is about to be updated with episode 7 and it’s time for all its players to get ready to enjoy various extras that will arrive starting next June 27.

What news will the new episode of VALORANT?

The final act of episode 6 is coming to a close in the shooter and it’s time to prepare for what’s next. Due to this, episode 7 is close with several surprises and it was confirmed that it will also be divided into 3 acts.

It is worth mentioning that one of the new additions is Team Deathmatch, a new 5v5 mode that will involve different skills and weapons, all with 4 game stages to improve your team and restore your health, among others.

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In addition, a new Sentinel will debut in episode 7, becoming the fifth in the catalog of VALORANT and who will be known as Agent 23. However, he will not be the only one to arrive, since a new Duelist will be released later.

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Finally, the progression system will receive several improvements, so Agent Contracts will now work in a different way and take into account the new free currency of the game: Kingdom Credits.

We remind you that episode 7 of VALORANT It will arrive on June 27 on all PC versions of the popular shooter.

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