Valle del Cauca, an attractive region for the construction sector

Valle del Cauca, an attractive region for the construction sector

The resurgence of the real estate market in Valle del Cauca It can be seen in the employment figures handled by the sector: cut to Septemberthe real estate activity employed more than 225,000 people. In other words, more than 80,000 jobs were recovered in real estate activities in the region compared to the same period in 2021, explains Santiago Racines, manager of Century 21 Racines.

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As for the average placement times for lease, in strata 5 and 6 they have grown (they are between 130 and 150 days), while in stratum 4 they dropped to 80 days. For sale, in strata 4 and 5 they have been maintained, while in 6 it has decreased slightly.

In Valle del Cauca, the average sales value is around $220 million and the rental value is around $1.2 million. “These are stable prices,” says Racines, who points out that most of the operations are for rent. “There is a great need for rental units and that is a great opportunity for builders and developers,” he adds.

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“We have great potential for growth since about 42% of the population lives in rentals and many people want to own, so there is a great opportunity for growth in sales.”

The aspects that make this region so attractive for builders and developers are its high appreciation, high profitability, ease of credit and permits and, of course, the growth of tourism and entertainment activities.

In terms of infrastructure and logistics, It is the third most important regionthanks to its road development and the importance of the port of Buenaventura.


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