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Valentine’s Day for the most ‘techies’: ideas to give the latest technological releases to your partner

4 Feb. (EDIZIONES/Portaltic) –

Valentine’s Day It is presented as the indicated date to show our love towards another person in many different ways, among which are not only compliments and special plans, but also also gifts.

For those couples who are interested in technology, there are many ideas to give away or to ask for as a gift, such as mobile phones or laptops. However, also there are alternatives for a common useso that lovers can enjoy it as a couple, such as devices focused on the home.

At Portaltic we have compiled some of the most outstanding latest technological releases so that you do not run out of ideas in case you prefer to discard dinner for a gift on Valentine’s Day.


In recent years it has been verified how mobile phones have been imposed among the preferred gifts on dates such as Christmas, Three Kings Day and, of course, also Valentine’s Day.

Pixel and Pixel 7 Pro (649 and 899 euros in its basic configuration) are postulated as good options if you are looking for a high-performance mobile in the field of photography. Both feature a 50MP camera and the top model features a dedicated 5x 48-megapixel (MP) telephoto lens.

For tighter pockets, ZTE Blade V40 Design (199 euros) is presented as a good option in case you do not need large capacities, although the ones it presents have nothing to envy other brands: triple camera with 50MP lens, a 4,500 mAh battery and DTS:X sound system Ultra.


If what you are looking for is a ‘smartphone’ more adapted to the requirements of ‘gaming’, the new Redmagic 8 Pro from Nubia (from 649 euros for the standard model) is also presented as an interesting option. This mobile has an ergonomic design with sharp corners, straight sides and futuristic details, with RGB lighting and transparencies.

The new monitor LG DualUP 28MQ780 (749 euros) is also presented as a good alternative for gamers who need to do other tasks or use other programs while using the computer to play. This model uses a panel that is equivalent to two stacked 16:9 QHD monitors, achieving a 36 percent larger field of view.

The new laptops 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro (from 2,449 euros) can also be an interesting option if what you are looking for is a device that meets the best conditions in terms of performance, efficiency and autonomy.

This is demonstrated by characteristics such as the time that it can remain on and unplugged, which are 22 hours of video playback in the 16-inch model and 18 hours of video in the smaller screen size.

For less demanding activities, such as ‘online’ learning, reading or browsing the news, a good option is the Huawei MatePad SE tablet (229 euros) of 10.4 inches, with FullView technology, 2K resolution and a density of 225 pixels.


Generally, couples tend to share tastes and hobbies. Music is usually one of the most common commonalities among lovers, who take advantage of this date to renew their wireless headphones and other ‘gadgets’ related to sound.

For users who want to take advantage of the features of their Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 devices, the headphones Galaxy Buds2 Pro (199.90 euros) recently released a ‘software’ update that incorporates 360 audio recording.

Thanks to it, sound can be captured through the microphones that the headphones incorporate, taking advantage of the Bluetooth LE Audio standard, improving its quality in transmission and its latency and registering lower energy consumption.

The new Sony NW-A306 (399.99 euros) is one of the music players chosen among the most nostalgic, since it is shaped like a ‘walkman’ and promises to offer high-resolution FLAC content at 96 kHz for 32 hours without interruptions.

Recently, the realme Buds T100 wireless headphones have also been put on sale in the Spanish market, which use an algorithm to offer cancellation of ambient noise and feature up to 28 hours of music playback.

The headphones True Wireless Travel 6 ANC from Energy Sistem (54.99 euros) also have this active noise cancellation system, which reduces external ambient noise to enjoy purer sound without interruptions while users travel.

This model also boasts an autonomy of up to 32 hours (8 hours for each charge of the headphones and an additional 24 hours in the charging box). The ‘transparency mode’ (transparency mode) is another of its great claims, because it captures outside sounds through the microphones and reproduces them to cancel the passive cancellation effect.


Smart home products are also among the most common gifts for couples on this special day. In order not to waste time and rely on daily cleaning, Roomba proposes the new Combo j7+the ‘2 in 1’ that scrubs and vacuums simultaneously.

This is capable of avoiding carpets thanks to an articulated visor located on the back of the robot. Its price is 999 euros with the emptying station, although it can be obtained for 799 euros with only the charging base.

The air fryers They have also managed to position themselves among the favorite ‘gadgets’ to give away this February 14. One of the most interesting bets is Phantom (119.99 euros), created by Ufesa, which has a capacity of five liters and incorporates the Smart WiFi control system and eight preset programs.

More recently Manzana has presented your latest 2nd generation HomePod (349 euros), a smart speaker that introduces improvements in Siri features, as well as a more advanced level of audio and a safe home automation experience.

Apple’s HomePod, which supports Matter, allows you to link and control other compatible accessories to function as a smart home hub, so users can access it when they’re not at home.


In case you want to enjoy this day with your partner and away from home, the new printer is proposed as interesting ‘gadgets’ INSTAX SQUARE Link and the Smart Band 7 Pro activity bracelet.

The first is an instant printer designed by fujifilm (149.99 euros) and focused on ‘smartphones’, which allows images to be obtained in a square format, in turn mixing the physical with the material, since it allows the addition of special effects such as text, images or drawings to the physical photograph itself.

For its part, Smart Band 7 Pro is one of Xiaomi’s most recent proposals in the ‘wearables’ section, which can be a good alternative for outdoor activities and during sports sessions.

The device includes 110 sports modes, such as Dance, Sports Combat, athletics or even motorsports or equestrian activities. Other metrics it offers include heart rate, menstrual cycle, and respiration.

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