USS is awarded 13 projects in the 2023 Fondecyt Initiation call

USS is awarded 13 projects in the 2023 Fondecyt Initiation call

With projects selected at all its campuses in the fields of engineering, philosophy and biology, among others, Universidad San Sebastián is among the 15 universities with the best results in this ANID contest.

More than 50 universities in the country applied for projects in the most recent Fondecyt call for Initiation of NEST, which finances excellent research developed by new researchers from all areas of knowledge. The San Sebastian University obtained 13 projects out of a total of 29 proposals submitted, achieving a 45% adjudication rate.

These positive figures are also translated into the position of the USS among the 15 universities with the best results in this call, and fourth among private universities.

“A milestone of this type shows that San Sebastián University has high-level researchers at different stages of their research careers with competitive projects. Particularly, this award to academics in the initial stage of independent research lays the foundations for sustainable growth over time, generating new knowledge”, says Marcela Valle, USS Director of Research and Development.

It should be noted that all the University locations have selected projects: 3 in Patagonia, 1 in Valdivia, 3 in Concepción and 6 in Santiago. Especially relevant is the field of social sciences, humanities and arts, where one of every three projects awarded by our House of Studies corresponds to that area of ​​knowledge, including the first Fondecyt of the School of Architecture at the Concepcion headquarters.

In total, the 13 awarded projects total $1,074,904,000 in financing intended for the generation of new knowledge. All of them were selected in relation to their intrinsic quality and the merit of the applicants.

To these 13 projects is added the award of the Fondecyt Postdoctoral project “Sex differences in the effect of fructose on the progression of chronic kidney disease. of the postdoctoral researcher Verónica Torres Estay, whose Sponsoring Investigator is the Dr Carlos Vio, researcher of the Faculty of Medicine and Science and USS Vice Chancellor for Research and Doctorates.

From Santiago to Patagonia

The awarded projects correspond to various areas of study, from Engineering and Physical Sciences, Biology, Biomedicine and Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, and History and Philosophy.

Santiago Headquarters

  • “Facilitators and barriers to depression diagnosis and treatment among older men and women who are primary care users in Santiago: a mixed methods study”
    Director: Dr. Ximena Moreno (Faculty of Psychology and Humanities)
  • “Theoretical articulation of the philosophical principle of fraternity with the concept of efficiency of economic theory. An approach from the thought of Stefano Zamagni”
    Director: Dr. Cristián Hodge (Faculty of Psychology and Humanities)
  • “Pluralism and tolerance. A respectful framework of active tolerance”
    Director: Dr. Eduardo Fuentes (Faculty of Psychology and Humanities)
  • “An efficient 3D numerical model for the study of Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction (SSSI) and site-city effects under seismic excitation”
    Director: Dr. Felipe Vicencio (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design)
  • “Implementation of 3D printing and particle leaching technologies to create complex nature-inspired hierarchical porous scaffolds for bone/cartilage tissue engineering purposes”
    Director: Dr. Mauricio Sarabia (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design)
  • “Increasing Reliability of Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems Through Developing Fault Tolerant Model Predictive Controlled Inverter”
    Director: Dr. Mokhtar Aly (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design)

Concepcion Headquarters

  • “Memory of the urban and cultural transformations of deindustrialization of the global north and south: Comparative study of the southern Chilean coal basin region and the German Ruhr region”
    Director: Dr. María Esperanza Rock (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design)
  • “The de Sitter Special Relativity in an isotropic and homogeneous coordinate system”
    Director: Dr. Cristián Cortés (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design”)
  • “Development of probabilistic live load models for Chilean bridges”
    Director: Dr. Víctor Aguilar (Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design)

Valdivia Headquarters

  • “The Socialist International and the Chilean democratic cause. Circulation of ideas in the Global Cold War 1973-1983.
    Director: Dr. Mariana Perry (Faculty of Law and Social Sciences)

Patagonia Headquarters

  • “Anthropogenic Perturbation on the Functional and Microbial Community Structure of Urban Wetlands Can Accumulate Biohazard Elements for Environmental, Animal, and Human Health”
    Director: Dr. Daniel Medina (Faculty of Natural Sciences)
  • “Mitochondrial function implication in the immunological regulation through the inflammasome complex activation in Atlantic salmon, against a viral and bacterial infection”
    Director: Dr. Juan Pablo Pontigo (Faculty of Natural Sciences)
  • “Contribution of the ryanodine receptors to Rett syndrome pathophysiology”
    Director: Dr. Rodrigo Torres (Faculty of Medicine and Science)

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