US tech companies join Biden’s call to rein in AI development

US tech companies join Biden's call to rein in AI development

There were seven large companies that accepted the measures proposed by the US Administration so that Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not become a risk for the citizens of the United States. President Biden applauded the union of large companies such as Google, Meta or Amazon; however, he called for more work on the risk posed by this generative technology.

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A hug between large American technology companies and the Government of that country. Google, Inflection, Meta, Amazon, Anthropic, Microsoft and OpenAI committed “immediately” to take measures so that, in their process of studying and developing Artificial Intelligence (AI), it does not occur “at the expense of the rights and security of Americans.” The news was released by the White House in a release.

According to the government house, “voluntary commitments, which emphasize security, protection and trust, mark a fundamental step towards the development of responsible Artificial Intelligence”. He then highlights that “the Biden-Harris Administration will continue to take decisive action by developing an Executive order,” in addition to bipartisan legislation that shields Americans on this issue.

US President Joe Biden applauded the companies’ commitment, while stressing that the decision taken by the conglomerates “is a promising step.” However, he argued that given the risk and potential of AI, more work needs to be done on it.

The president argued that we would see “more technological changes in the next ten years, or in fewer years, than we have experienced” in the 1950s. “Frankly, this has been an amazing revelation for me.”, he concluded.

As for the laws that Congress should pass regarding this technology to protect the data of its citizens, Biden said that one must “be vigilant against the threats that new technologies can pose to our democracy and our values.””. According to the Reuters news agency, the measure adopted is considered a triumph of the current administration on the issue of AI regulation.

After his induction, Microsoft congratulated the head of the White House and expressed his joy by welcoming Biden’s leadership “to unite the technology industry to come up with concrete steps that will help make the AI safer and more beneficial to the public,” the company said on its official blog.

Some aspects of the agreement

Joining the treaty is entirely voluntary. The AI ​​control roadmap has several aspects to support its development.

The signatory companies committed to carry out external and internal tests of their Artificial Intelligence systems before making new modifications public. They will also share with governments, companies, scientists and other social actors the risk management posed by this technology in full development.

A system will also be developed to mark all content generated by AI, so all users will know when AI was used to generate content. An intelligent way to avoid, among various issues, the fake news that can generate this system. It is not yet clear what that “watermark” will be like.

Work is also being done on outsourcing these measures to the world. According to the Executive, the commitment of large technology companies is expected to result in a “solid international framework that governs the development and use of AI”.

Since the controversial GTP Chat came to light, philosophers, researchers, scientists, and politicians have warned that AI may pose a threat to humanity. Even this week, the UN Security Council was concerned about the applications that Artificial Intelligence can represent in a military context.

The agreement also includes the promotion of solutions by technology for medical and scientific issues, such as climate change.

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