US gives more than $3.75 billion in military aid to Ukraine

US gives more than $3.75 billion in military aid to Ukraine

In the capitol, Washington, the flags of the United States and the Ukraine. Photo Reuters

In the first week of 2023, the United States continues to stand firmly behind Ukraine, announcing more than $3.75 billion in new military aid.

This assistance includes a $2.85 billion reduction in Department of Defense reserves to be provided immediately to Ukraine and $225 million in Foreign Military Financing to build long-term capacity and support the modernization of Ukraine’s armed forces.

It also includes $682 million in Foreign Military Financing for America’s European partners and allies to help encourage and complete military hardware donations to Ukraine.

This $2.85 billion reduction will provide Ukraine with Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, artillery systems, armored personnel carriers, surface-to-air missiles and ammunition, among other items.

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The US government also announced that it plans to provide an additional $907 million in foreign military funding under the Ukraine Additional Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2022.

“The $225 million for Ukraine will be used to cover the wartime needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to provide them with the necessary means to defend themselves against Russian aggression and may also be used to support the maintenance of the equipment provided previously to Ukraine under the Department of Defense’s Security Assistance Initiative for Ukraine and pursuant to previous withdrawals” express the US Secretary of State.

In the long term, this foreign military funding may be used to rebuild Ukraine’s ability to secure its own defense by developing and modernizing its armed forces.

This will bring total US military aid to Ukraine to a record $24.9 billion since the start of the Administration.

“In addition, the more than $682 million in Foreign Military Funding for European allies and partners will be used to build the capabilities of those affected by Russia’s war in Ukraine to deter and defend against emerging threats to territorial sovereignty, increase the professionalization and modernization of the security forces, improve the military integration of the partners with NATO and strengthen defensive cybernetic capabilities,” said the Secretary of State.

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