US confirms 30 Al Shabaab militants killed in airstrike during fighting in Galcad

US confirms 30 Al Shabaab militants killed in airstrike during fighting in Galcad

21 Jan. (EUROPA PRESS) –

The African Command of the United States Army has confirmed this Saturday the death of 30 militants of the jihadist organization Al Shabaab during an operation to support Somali forces during the bloody fighting on Friday in the town of Galcad, in the east of the country.

The Somali Army confirmed the death of at least one hundred Al Shabaab militants and seven soldiers, including a commander, during the jihadist assault on the local military base. Al Shabaab has claimed that more than 150 Somali soldiers were killed in the assault, although the organization is known for falsifying figures for propaganda purposes.

The US attack occurred precisely in the vicinity of the town and also led to the destruction of three organization vehicles, with no record of victims among the civilian population.

The terrorist group, one of the bloodiest on the continent, has launched several attacks in recent weeks in response to increased offensives by Mogadishu.

In this sense, the president of the country, Hasan Sheikh Mohamud, assured on Wednesday that the “second phase” of these operations will soon be launched, carried out with the support of clans and local militias as part of a series of decisions adopted by the president. , who promised upon taking office to put the fight against terrorism at the center of his efforts to stabilize the African country.

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