UNICEF expresses concern about violence in Jenin after the death of three children

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The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been “deeply shocked” by the escalation of violence in the West Bank town of Jenin, the scene since Monday of an Israeli security operation that has resulted in the death of at least three children and has caused the displacement of “hundreds of families”, as well as the interruption of basic services and supplies.

The director of UNICEF for the region, Adele Khodr, has demanded on behalf of the agency the “immediate cessation of armed violence”. “Children must always be protected from all forms of violence and serious violations, and all parties have the obligation to ensure the safety of civilians,” she added, alluding to International Law.

Khodr regretted that in recent years children have witnessed “recurring cycles of violence” and that they have even suffered it themselves – 27 Palestinian children and six Israelis have lost their lives since the beginning of the year. UNICEF has recalled that childhood enjoys “special protection”, for which it has asked that it be respected “regardless of who they are or where they are”.

“Putting an end to recurring violence is the best way to guarantee that children can grow up in peace and security,” the spokesperson claimed in a statement.

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