Ukraine denies capture of Yasnobrodovka by Russian army

Ukraine denies capture of Yasnobrodovka by Russian army

10 Jul. () –

Ukrainian authorities on Wednesday denied that the Russian Ministry of Defense had claimed the day before that its troops had taken control of the town of Yasnobrodovka in the eastern province of Donetsk.

“The day before, the racist command reported that the occupation army had supposedly taken control of the village of Yasnobrodovka and had strengthened its positions. This is another lie by the Russians,” said Nazar Voloshin, spokesman for the Khortitsia strategic-operational group, a formation of the Ukrainian army.

Voloshin has not only refuted this information, but has also stressed that in the last 24 hours the Russian Army has lost around 100 of its troops during the fighting that has taken place in the area, in which combat vehicles and equipment have also been destroyed, Ukrainian agencies report.

In recent months, Russian troops have made significant progress in northeastern and eastern Ukraine, especially in Donetsk province, one of the regions along with Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia, which have been partially occupied since the invasion began nearly two and a half years ago.

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