Ukraine affirms that Russia is already negotiating with Burma and African and Middle Eastern countries the purchase of arms

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. – -/Kremlin/dpa

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March 16 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has pointed out this Thursday to Burma and other countries in the Middle East, as well as several in Africa, for being open to the possibility of negotiating with Russia the supply of weapons and equipment as it begins “to experience shortages” after little more than a year of war.

This was stated by the deputy head of the Intelligence department of the Ministry of Defence, Vadim Skibitski, during an intervention on Ukrainian public television, which is reported by the Ukrinform news agency.

“Military intelligence has information about Russia’s intentions to acquire ammunition, rockets and other equipment due to shortages they have begun to experience. We know that they are actively working with Iran and have ongoing negotiations with Burma, countries in Africa and the Middle East. “, has said.

Skibitski added that Russia had already sent several delegations from the Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Intelligence Service to these countries to negotiate and “obtain as much ammunition and other weapons as possible.”

However, unlike Iran, the rest have not yet made a decision on the matter and are awaiting, he said, the results of the latest offensives by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Regarding Iran, Ukraine confirms that Russia has received ammunition and UAVs from its partner, while at the moment they do not have “reliable information” about the shipment of ballistic missiles.

It appears, Skibitski argues, that Iran would want nuclear technology and other missile programs in return. “There is a mutual interest between these two countries to carry out further cooperation,” he said.

In turn, Russia, according to reports from Ukrainian Intelligence, is also regularly receiving war material from Syria, especially air defense systems and S-300 missile systems through civilian ships.

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